Bath Inclusions

Melt your sore muscle pain and worries away with these products!

Soothing and Relaxing Salt Soaks are the perfect end to any workout or long day, sprinkle a some into bath water and let the scents take you to your happy place, while the Epsom salts melt the stress away.

Are You Jelly? Sprinkles creates the silkiest, very moisturizing bath with a hint of bubbles! Sprinkle some directly in bath water and let your skin thank you!

Salty Mermaid Foam a little bit of bubble making, a little bit of soaking salts, make this perfect combination to relax and enjoy bath time.

Bath Dust a bath bomb in dust form! Sprinkle a little or sprinkle a lot, the intensity is up to you!!!

Bath Tea is perfect for the need to moisturize and ease skin itchiness! Place some in a mesh bag and place under running water.

 *LYBC IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It may smell delicious but these products are not edible. Do not let children use without adult supervision. Not recommended for ages under 3 for some products may contain small toys. 

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