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All the Bubble Makers

Who doesn't love bubbles?? All of these products create a bubble bath! Some have multiple purposes as well!!!

Bubble Bars and Bubble Scoops make frothy and fragrant bubbles are at your fingertipsbreak off a piece and run it under running water in one of our bath balls or strainers and watch the bubbles appear!

Bubble Jugs are instant bubbles in a jug! Poor a capful (or two!) under running water to make bubbles! You can also use it as body wash!

Jelly Soap is the most fun way to create bubbles! Jelly soap jiggles like jello!!! Cut up some jelly soap or break off a piece, use the strainer or bubble ball, and under running water place the jelly! Creates tons of bubbles! You can also use Jelly Soap as soap!!!!


 *LYBC IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It may smell delicious but these products are not edible. Do not let children use without adult supervision. Not recommended for ages under 3 for some products may contain small toys. 

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