Wholesale Small Shop Package fillers

Little gifts for other small shops to include in their customer packaging.

These products are designed with other small shop owners in mind.  Often a shop owner would like to include a small gift or thank you but would also like to stay under that 16 ounce weight limit. 

These small samples give just a hint of how wonderful our products are and provide a great thank you gift for your customers all in one! 

 Scents/flavors of items will be random and dependent on what is on hand at the time of purchase unless otherwise stated in listing. Each item will be labeled with ingredients, directions, and name of the scent.  

*LYBC IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It may smell delicious but these products are not edible. Do not let children use without adult supervision. Not recommended for ages under 3 for some products may contain small toys. 

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Love Yourself Bath Co
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