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The Perfect 10

The Pre order of all Pre orders is here!!!! We have come up with the top 10 items in the top 10 scents! We will run the pre order til March 26, 2021 or until maximum orders are met!

The Perfect 10 Pre Order will ship on or by April 30, 2021


  • Sleeping Beauty- a delicate blend of vanilla and lavender, sure to help the long days turn into relaxing nights. (Same as Sleepy Time)
  • Fizzeratops-A mouth-watering collaboration of fruit loops and marshmallows (Same as Reindeer Treats)
  • Lights of Passage- Coastal fresh w/ hints of salty air, citrus, honeydew & violet
  • Dole Whip- Everyone’s favorite Disney treat! Tropical, sun-ripened pineapple with topped with melting vanilla ice cream
  • Ohana- Brings the allure of a magical resort to mind: roasted coconut, vanillin musk and Hawaiian orchids 
  • Salt Water Mermaid- A touch of coconut is carried by the warm breeze of the ocean as it embraces the beach’s fresh waters. 
  • Candy Clouds- sweet cotton candy just like the carnival and creamy delicious vanilla icing.
  • Dinoskintastic- a velvety, warm dessert made from scratch and a mix of pistachio, buttery caramel, and nuts, delectable! (Inspired by Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream)
  • Haunted- Deep warm notes of spicy incense blend with lush Cedarwood and zesty clove. Warm undertones of bergamot and black pepper complete this exotic fragrance.
  • Let's Toast- A bubbly, fizzy base with berries and sweet citrus top notes. Cheers!


  • Whipped Body Butter-12 oz filled by volume
  • Whipped Soap- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Glowing Sugar Scrub- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Hair Detangler- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Body Wash- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Are You Jelly Sprinkles- 14 oz filled by volume
  • Foaming Hand Wash- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Bubble Bath- 8 oz filled by volume
  • Bubble Scoops- approximately 4 oz
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