Lights Of Passage Bubble Scoop

Lights Of Passage Bubble Scoop

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Bubble scoop, Solid Bubble Bath, whatever you may call it, it is TONS of fun to take to bath time with you!

Ingredients- Sodium bicarbonate, SLSA, Potassium bitartrate, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, fragrance, dye. Our Bubble scoops are NOT made with SLS but instead made with sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA) which is a NATURAL product made from coconut and palm oils and Decyl Glucoside which is a natural, non-drying surfactant obtained from renewable plant based fatty alcohols glucose and coconut.
How to use- This solid bubble scoop is made for multiple uses! Break a piece off, put it in a tea ball and hang it under warm running water for best results! You can use your hands if you choose not to use a tea ball. Also makes a great product to use in our LYBC Bath Potions

Scent: Lights Of Passage: From our Most Magical Place On Earth scent line; this scent will take you back to the Flights of Passage ride experience. Coastal fresh with hints salty air, citrus, honeydew, a bit of violet………it is extraordinary..
Warning: Do not eat bath products.

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